ITC 16 hr Certificate in Outdoor First Aid Level 3. 

Interactive hands-on training is the hallmark of this course, designed for all those working in remote locations in the British Isles. Training and scenarios are based on being more than several minutes, and up to several hours from help or the rescue team arriving. Suitable for; ML, SPA, BCU, RYA, BOF, MIA, MIC, BASI etc.

First Aid for The Outdoor Environment

This qualification is designed to meet the needs of those working away from immediate assistance (more than 30 mins) in the remote and rural regions of the UK. This Outdoor First Aid qualification is externally regulated and meets the standards to appear upon the national qualifications frameworks of England and Wales.  This course is recognised throughout the UK and is the course of choice for experienced practitioners who use the outdoors.  

It is suitable for workers in rural and remote settings and will maintain the license to practice for those with Outdoor National Governing Body Instructor awards. 

The course meets the requirements for the Outdoor First Aid Training Framework at Standard 3.   This framework is hosted upon the Institute for Outdoor Learning website.

Topics include; roles & responsibilities, dealing with collapse (with and without breathing), choking, bleeding, shock, major illnesses, torso and limb injuries, environmental effects, heat and cold injuries, using first aid kit, outdoor specific scenarios and outdoor incident management, answering queries such as when or how to remove boots, helmets and looking after a casualty for some hours.

This qualification is designed to provide outdoor incident management skills.  Typical delivery methods are predominantly practical, with elements occurring out of doors in outdoor clothing and on various terrains.  The course is assessed by continual observation of candidate performance.


Qualification training requires

  • Minimum tutor contact time of 16 hours (excluding breaks)
  • 1:12 tutor to candidate ratio
  • Course must be completed within 9 weeks of starting
  • Each delivery session must be a minimum of 2 hours
  • Successful completion will result in candidate gaining ITC Level 3 Award in Outdoor First Aid with a valid (licence to practice) lifetime of 3 years from date of completion
  • The qualification is revalidated by attending another similar course after 3 years

Course Content

  • Vital Signs - breathing, level of consciousness, temperature, colour
  • Incident Management - a systematic approach to managing first aid incidents
  • Airway Management - causes and treatment of unconscious collapse
  • Breathing Problems - choking
  • Circulation Problems - Internal bleeding, external bleeding and treatment for shock
  • Treatment of injury - head, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, leg & arm and remote improvisation techniques
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Drowning
  • Hypothermia and Hyperthermia
  • Common Illnesses - angina, heart attack, asthma, diabetes and epilepsy
  • Awareness of current regulations
  • Safe best practice


Experienced professional trainers with an active professional interest in First Aid training, coming from a variety of working backgrounds understanding the specific needs of various outdoor environments. Trainers typically have a professional background in outdoor developmental work or be active practitioner. We are constantly updating their methods and materials keeping abreast of current best practice from around the world. Trainers typically have knowledge of your workplace and follow Health and Safety approved code of practice guidelines.


This certificate is re-validated by attending another Outdoor course in 3 years time.

Course Duration

2 Days / 16 Hours

Course Price

Individual - £125
Group - Contact Us

Course Details

The Quay Climbing Wall Exeter
5th- 6th January 2017
(0930 - 1830)

Bristol Mendip Snowsports Centre
24th- 25th January 2017
(0900 - 1800)

The Quay Climbing Wall Exeter
7th- 8th February 2017
(0930 - 1830)

Bristol Mendip Snowsports Centre
22nd- 23rd February 2017
(0900 - 1800)

The Quay Climbing Wall Exeter
8th- 9th March 2017
(0930 - 1830)

Bristol Mendip Snowsports Centre
29th- 30th March 2017
(0900 - 1800)

The Quay Climbing Wall Exeter
18th- 19th April 2017
(0930 - 1830)

Bristol Mendip Snowsports Centre
25th- 26th April 2017
(0900 - 1800)

The Quay Climbing Wall Exeter
9th- 10th May 2017
(0930 - 1830)

Bristol Mendip Snowsports Centre
23rd- 24th May 2017
(0900 - 1800)

19th- 20th July 2017
(0900 - 1800)